Meal plans, grocery lists and weekly cooking tips to cook in Vancouver for under $150 a week.

Trendy for One Week Recipe and Grocery List January 14 to 19

Sit at the cool table in the cafeteria this week, with recipes that are (apparently) part of the 2013 food trends. You could roll your eyes, saying you don’t like being told what’s cool and forcefully refuse any of these ideas like a Ray Ban-wearing hipster. But in cooking, following trends for a while can lead to great recipe finds, and a break from the ol’chicken breasts with rice and kale supper.

The 2013 food trends (mainly from Bon Appetit’s list and the Sterling-Rice Group’s list) finally appreciate the amazingness of Korean food, deviate from bacon-wrapped everything to more veggie mains and offer cauliflower as the veggie a la mode, in lieu of kale (see: vegetable likely now branded by the Vancouver yoga community). And, for my favourite trend – horseradish finally steps away from the under the roast beef carving station heatlamp into its own spotlight.

Meal Plan

Monday  Jerk-Spiced Brussels Sprouts with Cauliflower and Chickpeas

Tuesday Perfect Roast Chicken  with Whipped Potatoes with Horseradish

Wednesday Chile-Marinated Pork Sandwiches on Cemita Rolls

Thursday Bibimbap  (Korean mixed rice with vegetables)

Friday Khow Suey (Burmese Chicken Noodles)

Saturday Kartoffelrahmsuppe 

Grocery List and Where to Shop

Kin’s Farm Market

  • onions
  • 2 pieces ginger
  • 2 leeks
  • 2 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • celery root
  • 6 limes
  • 2 zucchinis
  • 10 mushrooms (a mixture of your favourites, but not the white ones)
  • 1 bunch spinach
  • 3 carrots
  • 6 plum tomatoes
  • Brussels sprouts (these sometimes sell out from Kin’s. If they’re out, try Sunshine Market)
  • 1 cauliflower head
  • 2 pounds Russet potatoes
  • 1 daikon


  • 1 clementine
  • 1 bunch each thyme, rosemary
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • chickpea flower (optional, for Khow Suey, but it’s also great for potato latkes)
  • 1 small package ground beef
  • 1 jar hot, prepared horseradish
  • whole chicken
  • dried Ancho chiles


  • 1 brick creamcheese
  • 1 package chicken thighs
  • cream
  • 1 can chipotle with Adobo
  • 1 package pork chops
  • 1 can chickpeas


  • black rice

H Mart 

It is well worth the trip for these 2 ingredients. Gochujang is thick and spicy and great on plain rice if you’re too lazy to cook, but is not in main markets like Sriracha (yet).

  • gochujang
  • Udon noodles

Tips for the Week

  •  Jerk-Spiced Brussels Sprouts with Cauliflower and Chickpeas: Make extra jerk spice to use to season chicken thighs or potatoes, or to mix with some yogurt or mayonnaise as a dressing. Also, to make this side into more of a full Meatless Monday meal, cut the cauliflower into fat slices, “steaks,” and roast it flat instead of breaking it apart.
  • Perfect Roast Chicken with Whipped Potatoes with Horseradish: This is the ultimate no-fail roast chicken. Use any citrus (lemon, clementine, orange) in the middle of the chicken, and use any herb you like. Meinhardt’s always has fresh whole chickens, at a really good price (usually around $12 for one that feeds 3 to 4 people).  Also, be generous with the horseradish in the potatoes, as the recipe is a bit tame.
  • Chile-Marinated Pork Sandwiches on Cemita Rolls: Lots of modifications to this recipe to make it good for a weeknight, but the base is great. Use 5 dried ancho chiles instead of the guajillo chiles, serve on black rice instead of the bun to make it go a bit farther, and use chicken thighs (they seem to hold more flavour than breasts) if you don’t eat pork.
  • Bibimbap: This is essentially the gateway recipe to Korean food. If you don’t have every ingredient, don’t worry. Substitute or leave out vegetables as you wish – (I’m not a fan of bean/salmonella sprouts), and add some ground beef cooked with a bit of Chinese soy sauce if you’re not going veg.
  • Khow Suey: Burmese cuisine is trendy this year, and it’s apparently “all about the accompaniments.” Go for udon noodles, boiled eggs and green chiles for a mix without having to buy the entire 10-item spread. Also be careful not to overcook the chicken – frying chicken “for some time,” as the recipe suggests, will make it super dry.
  • Kartoffelrahmsuppe /car-tawful-rahm-soupuh/: Consider this your introduction to celery root, a crunchy and turnip-like vegetable that looks like a wood-covered turnip. Don’t go over the 3 minute cook time for the onions and garlic, but cook the soup for the full 30 minutes to get the most out of the flavour of this soup. Random suggestion: While you’re buying celery root, pick up a kohlrabi, celery root’s green alien-looking cousin. Eat it raw as a snack – peel it with a knife, cut it into pieces and eat it with salt and tobasco sauce on top.

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