Meal plans, grocery lists and weekly cooking tips to cook in Vancouver for under $150 a week.

El Camino’s Inspired/Knockoff Recipe and Grocery List April 8 to 13

Latin American street food in Vancouver? Yes, please. A cheap place to grab a carnivorous and alcoholic meal with friends? For sure! Last week, I finally tried the famous El … Continue reading

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Hot Hot Hot Recipe and Grocery List April 1 to 6

This week, I saw a commercial for Sriacha-Flavoured Lay’s potato chips, and glared at the flavour choice – what’s next Lay’s, what’s next. But, then I sat back and wondered … Continue reading

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Passover Recipe and Grocery List March 25 to 30

I’ve always felt quite ignorant visiting the bakeries and grocers nearby – challah bread? Matzo? Knishes? The annual signs for Passover have also always pushed me to good ol’ Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Holding onto Winter Recipe and Grocery List March 4 to 9

It’s funny how us Vancouverites complain about the wet, cold weather every chance we get, but somehow mourn the passing of the winter season. It could be because Vancouver is … Continue reading

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Ayurvedawhaaaa Recipe and Grocery List February 18 to 23

If you cook, you’ve gotta be open to trying anything. Maybe I’m a bit white, and this is a bit too Eat, Pray Love, but for the next 2 weeks, … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Prince at Kingston 11 Reggae Cafe Recipe and Grocery List February 11 to 16

My first experience of Jamaican food outside of a Superstore patty was at a small restaurant on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. My recently landed German boyfriend, being the self-proclaimed … Continue reading

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Declaring a Specialty Recipe and Grocery List January 28 to February 3

Who knew choosing between a team whose star was charged with obstruction of justice and a team who took out Vancouver’s closest chance to getting into the Super Bowl in this … Continue reading

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